PA Pellets
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Relative Costs Of Fuel*
Wood Pellets $17.15
Oil $23.23
Kerosene $26.31
Propane $29.96
Electricity $32.24
* (Fuel needed to create 1,000,000 BTUs. Data from Penn
   State College of Agricultural Sciences)


Average Savings

PA Pellets Premium Pellet Fuel

Original Formula – Hardwood Blend

PA Pellets Premium wood pellets are made from an exceptional blend of hardwoods, using the original PA Pellets formula. Our pellet fuel provides a consistent source of heat with minimal stove cleaning.  Learn more.

It’s a higher quality wood pellet that’s easy to use –

  • Consistent BTUs with minimal ash for less stove cleaning
  • Uniform pellets, thanks to our exacting manufacturing standards

  • Minimized fines for less waste

  • No foreign matter than can create jams in your stove’s pellet hopper

Meets Pellet Fuel Institute Standards for Reliable Stove Performance

PA Pellets Premium wood pellets provide reliable stove performance, meeting the Pellet Fuel Institute Standard.

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  • A perfect, money-saving way to fight rising energy costs
  • Wood pellet fuel costs less than traditional energy sources
  • Enjoy greater discounts by purchasing by the ton
  • Saves an average of $500 annually vs. heating oil**


  • Original formula – naturally occurring lignin binds our wood pellets; no harmful or artificial components added
  • Clean burning fuel means greatly reduced emissions
  • Wood pellets are a sustainable fuel from managed forests

The QUALITY Choice

  • Greater burning efficiency – 1.0% or less humidity
  • Ash of less than 1% significantly reduces need for stove cleaning
  • PA Pellets are made for easy, reliable burning in all stove types

CAUTION: This fuel is to be used in pellet burning appliances ONLY. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage due to misuse. Nor for human or animal consumption. Always store wood pellets in a dry place. Do not allow pellets to get wet. Please recycle pellet packaging.