HistoryPA Pellets was founded in 2005 by Jason Holmberg and Luke Watson, two men interested in finding a productive way for overseas orphanages to support themselves. While they continued those efforts, Jason and Luke created PA Pellets in Pennsylvania – using their experience working in forests and making a renewable fuel source from wood pellets. They proudly continue this venture today, continually enhancing the quality and reputation of PA Pellets and our products.

Pennsylvania: Renowned for Quality Hardwoods

The forests of Pennsylvania have long held a worldwide reputation for growing top quality hardwood. The Keystone State’s ideal climate and soil conditions create dense wood grains with a consistency that’s perfect for fuel. William Penn’s woods for generations have been known for producing the planet’s best species of Black Cherry, Red and White Oak, White Ash, White Hard Maple, Walnut and other trees. Pennsylvania leads the USA in annual production of hardwoods, with enough to circle the globe over seven times. Hardwood production also accounts for over 11% of the State’s manufacturing jobs, and your purchase of PA Pellets helps keep those jobs flourishing on the home front.

PA Pellets Is a Choice Forest Brand

Choice Forest is dedicated to providing biomass products made from hardwood fiber. Our mission is to develop environmentally sound products from sustainable forestry practices.

We are committed to working with good stewards of the forest – those suppliers practicing select cutting to ensure sustainable growth and minimal impact on the environment.