Pellet and Stove Maintenance

Pellet Storage and Stove Maintenance

Here at PA Pellets our goal is to make sure our consumers have the proper tools when heating with our wood pellets. Down below are general guidlines to make YOUR experience with our hardwood pellets worth while. 

Pellet Storage:

Keeping pellets in good conditions can ensure that they maintain maximum quality.

  • Pellet should be stored in locations without moisture. That means completely dry.
  • It is better to store pellets indoors that way the pellets are not unprotected from harsh outdoor environments.
  • If the pellets are being stored on pallets, be sure to keep the packages wrapped in plastic, and not bare.


Stove Maintenance:

Stove Maintenance is crucial when heating with out hardwood pellets. A filthy stove can cause less in heat output, failed ignition, increased ash, and safety hazzards.

To prevent these outcomes regular stove maintenance is manditory. Note that every stove is different from one another, reading the the stoves manuel is proven to help maintain a stove for years to come.

Routine Maintenance:

  • Inspecting the burn pot.
  • Cleaning the ash tray. 
  • Making sure fly ash isn't built up in heat exchanger, or ash traps/baffles.

Advanced Maintenance: 

  • Clean and remove fly ash from motors and fans.
  • Check venting system, which includes assembly joints.

Professional Service:

  • Service once a year.
  • Make sure the professional has the know how about how to clean, and maintain the stove.