Why Heat With Wood Pellets?

Heating with Wood Pellets

Wood pellets –

  • Are convenient and easy to use
  • Are easy to handle and store in bulk, taking up less space/volume than wood or heating oil, for example
  • Ignite quickly, thanks to low moisture content

  • Deliver high energy content and save on heating costs
  • Burn efficiently and cleanly

  • Are a renewable fuel source and environmentally sound, because they are produced from waste materials like forestry residues and sawdust

  • Create lower emissions and ash, because they are a carbon-neutralized form of fuel – so the carbon dioxide released during combustion is compensated during the process of photosynthesis by growing trees and plants
  • Contribute to economic growth, as they are made in the USA and don’t rely on any foreign components

Bottom-Line Savings That Really Add Up

A primary advantage to using wood pellets for space heating is the savings in heating costs – just one 40 lb bag of PA Pellets wood pellets replaces 2 1/2 gallons of heating oil.

See the Energy Content and Cost Advantages of Pellets vs. Other Fuels

Wood pellets are a significantly more cost-effective choice than propane, standard electricity or kerosene, and far more convenient than firewood.

Fuel Energy Content Unit Price Heat
Per Million
Kerosene 135,000 BTU/gal $2.75/gal 85% $23.97
#2 Fuel Oil 139,400 BTU/gal $3.58/gal 78% $33.25
Propane 91,600 BTU/gal $2.83/gal 78% $39.72
Natural Gas 100,000 BTU/therm $1.39/therm 78% $17.38
Electricity – Resistance 3,412 BTU/kWh $0.12/kWh 100% $35.16
Electricity – Heat Pump 3,412 BTU/kWh $0.12/kWh 200% $16.12
Coal 13,100 BTU/lb $200.00/ton 75% $10.18
Firewood-Hardwood 24,000,000 BTU/cord $200.00/cord 60% $13.89
Wood Pellets 8,200 BTU/lb $245.00/ton 80% $18.67
Shelled Corn 6,970 BTU/lb $4.00/50 lbs 75% $13.66